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Are you thinking about investing your money? Wait and think for some time where to invest? As we know, money is the thing that you cannot earn without any efforts. You have to take lots of efforts for earning money. So when you already know that there are so many problems in making money, then why not think before investing your money. There are plenty of options available by which you can increase your savings without any hassle.
Among all options, Mutual Fund is the best way to save and increase your money in a safe manner. We are damn sure, now a question arises in your mind, what is mutual fund and what are the benefits of it? Well, don’t worry, we at Vidhya Consultancy are available here to give you the accurate answer to this question.

The Mutual fund is a great investment scheme which is collected by the investors who want to make as well as save money by investing in different markets as well as securities. This amazing investment scheme is gaining lots of popularity nowadays due to its wonderful investment channels. By investing their money in the mutual fund, people make more money in a limited time span. So, if you want to achieve your goal of earning maximum money, then choose this investment scheme. For gaining more acquaintance in investment and financial management, visit us at Vidhya Consultancy.

Different Types of Mutual Fund Schemes:

Fixed Income Funds:

If you invest your money in these types of funds, you can get a fixed rate of return. The examples of these funds are high-yield corporate bonds, government bonds as well as investment-grade corporate bonds. If you really want to get a regular income, then these are the best ways for you.

Equity Funds:

When you invest your hard-earned money in purchasing equity shares and stocks, you can get a long-term growth in an efficient manner. These types of funds include high risk because they grow faster as compared to other funds.

Fund Of Funds:

These funds invest in other funds. Similar to balanced funds, they try to make asset allocation and diversification easier for the investor. The MER for fund-of-funds tend to be higher than stand-alone mutual funds.

Hybrid Funds:

Hybrid Funds is an optimum mix of bonds and stocks, thereby bridging the gap between equity funds and debt funds. The ratio can be variable or fixed. In short, it takes the best of two mutual funds by distributing, say, 60% of assets in stocks and the rest in bonds or vice versa. This is suitable for investors willing to take more risks for a debt plus returns benefit rather than sticking to lower but steady income schemes.

Exchange Traded Funds:

These are funds that are a mix of both open and close ended mutual funds and are traded on the stock markets. These funds are not actively managed, they are managed passively and can offer a lot of liquidity. As a result of their being managed passively, they tend to have lower service charges (entry/exit load) associated with them.

Miraculous Benefits of Mutual Funds:

There are some fabulous benefits of mutual funds which you can enjoy only after investing your money in these funds such as:

  • By investing your money in mutual funds, you can easily save your tax.
  • The portfolios of the mutual funds are perfectly controlled by the highly knowledgeable and expert professionals in the field.
  • After investing your money in this type of fund, you don’t have a need to take tension about any loss.
  • With the small amount of money, you can start your mutual fund investment.
  • You can purchase and sell mutual funds without any hassle.

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Procedure for investing your money in Mutual Funds:

  • Perfectly understand your profile
  • Understand your financial goals
  • Know the value of your goals (SIP or Lump Sum)
  • Select the category of funds
  • Begin transacting through online or offline mode
  • Perfectly monitor your transactions

Some necessary documents which you need to invest money in a Mutual Fund:

When you invest your money in mutual funds, you will have to submit Photo, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Bank Details, etc. as per mentioned in KYC Form.
So, now don’t waste your money, it’s time to do something special for yourself and your family. We at Vidhya Consultancy help you to convert your dreams into reality. Don’t hesitate just visit us as soon as possible.

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